Company Udekasi Furs maintains friendly relations with their customers and pays great attention not only to the quality of finished products and fur, but also the services to their customers.

Individual order

Along with the ability to purchase the finished product our company provides you with a unique opportunity to create a fur coat exclusively for you. We will help you to choose a pattern that will enhance your silhouette and suits you. You will get an exclusive product that will bring you joy for a long time.


We will help to breathe new life into older stuff. If your coat has seen the world, out of fashion, or simply ceased to please you, do not hurry to part with it. Udekasi Furs experts will diagnose fur, and if it is in good condition, we create a modern model for you and produce a new garment from your fur.


Fur - a very delicate material and requires a professional approach to work. If your fur garment needs any repair - from replacing buttons to restyling - studio Udekasi Furs is always at your service.


Beauty and the life of the fur depends mostly from your care. We recommend to dry clean your fur at the end of every season. Professional cleaning of Udekasi Furs will help to preserve the beauty and freshness of your fur garment for a long time.